Vanilla rings – vanillekranse


I’ve almost completed the Christmas baking and munch making. Yesterday I got the last batch of cookies done and I had saved the best for last. Vanillekranse are my favorite cookies. Crisp and light – and heavily scented with vanilla. This is the time to bring the big bucks to the store and stock up on those plumb and thick Tahiti vanilla pods.

It seems that every family has their own version of these Danish classics. Of course I think these ones are just right. They are somewhat different than the standard vanillekrans as they call for a lot of almonds compared to flour and you actually use the whole vanilla pod, not just the seeds. The result is extremely crispy but the price is that they don’t hold their shape quite as well. (Check out Zarah’s version over at Food and Thought.)

Vanillekranse on the left

Please note that you need to start one day in advance as the dough needs to rest overnight.

from Camilla Plum Jul, yield 30 or so

125g blanched almonds
half a vanilla pod (or more… I used half a Tahiti and a couple from the vanilla sugar jar)
125g flour
a quarter tsp ammonium carbonate
125g sugar, preferably home made vanilla sugar
60g butter
1 egg



Grind the almonds very finely  with the vanillapod(s) in a food processor (the pod needs to be very finely chopped so you might have to help out on the cutting board). Put all the ingredients in a bowl and combine into a firm ball, if you wish you can use a Kitchen Aid attached with the paddle. Let the whole thing rest in the fridge over night. Now comes the fun part! Either you attach a star shaped ring to your Kitchen Aid meat grinder (yes, I said meat grinder) or you have a bollesprøjte as you see in the picture above. If you do, just do as on the picture. With a meat grinder you add the dough in batches – and you should call out for a helping hand at this stage – and while one is putting the dough through the grinder the other is shaping the rings. Once you have a full plate bake for around 7 minutes at 180C. The vanillekranse will stay crisp in an air tight container for a couple of weeks but they probably won’t last that long, so don’t worry too much about it!




5 Responses to “Vanilla rings – vanillekranse”

  1. Zarah Maria Says:

    YAY for vaniliekranse! My favorite too! I really wanted to do a side by side comparison of Camilla’s recipe and my family recipe this year, but eh – time, life, stuff got in the way. Next year, definitely. Did you manage to get those vanilla pods all finely chopped? I tried to do it and it wasn’t even near being turned into little flecks of pod…

    Love the photo of the three cookie jars – which are the ones in the back, they must have been good seeing they’re already gone!;)

  2. Jesper Says:

    First, the almost gone cookies were good! So good I had to make another batch. They’re “Palæstinenserkager” from Camilla’s Jul (done with the mixer method). I’ll see if I can squeeze in a post about them.

    Secondly, the flecks… Well, maybe that would be stretching it a little calling them flecks but I did manage to almost get it right, I think. She calls for grinding the almonds and pods in a food grinder. My Kitchen Aid is very reluctant to do that – actually, I’ll never attempt that again as it said very strange sounds! I chopped the pods with the almonds in a food processor and afterwards chopped it even finer by hand. A bit boresome but worth it.

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