Cinnamon bread


Spring was supposed to arrive last weekend as Easter week came marching in. Alas, it didn’t. The week started out nicely with sunshine and temps hovering around 10-15 degrees, and I had my mind set on things crunchy, lemony and Spring like. It ended in the candle-lit-brunch-with heavy-rains-and-the-like department. Fortunately, there are remedies for these situations. In this particular moment we turned to cinnamon, butter and moscovado.

L had an all-day baking workshop with kitchen guru Camilla a couple of weeks ago, so it only seemed natural to try out one of the things they didn’t get around making do a repeat of one of the stars of the day: cinnamon bread packed with cardamom and buttery-sugar filling. Cinnamon rolls are a breakfast stable at many a Danish breakfast table on weekends, as it is in other parts of the gastronomic world. (Check out Keiko’s flawless cinnabon look-a-likes here). In stead of the normal roll-shape, this is a rather different take where you change a little and end up with a rather different result. The bread/loaf – call it what you like – is great for serving as the sweet part of brunch. We also used it alongside a traditional saffron infused bread (more on that later on when A Taste of Yellow approaches) for an afternoon treat.

Cinnamon bread
350g flour
10g fresh yeast
50g melted butter
1 egg
50ml sugar
half a tsp of salt

an egg for the egg wash

Dissolve the yeast in the luke warm milk; add the rest and knead thoroughly. Hold back on the flour, you might not need it all – keep the dough on the sticky side. Let the dough rest until doubled.

Filling (remonce)

75g softened butter
150 ml sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground cardemom

Combine all the ingredients.

On a floured surface or silipat roll out the dough into a square shape that will fit the bread pan when rolled up (approx. 20cm will fit this portion.) Spread the filling evenly and roll the dough. Make sure the ends aren’t opon. Otherwise all the filling will ooze out during baking. Place the dough in a buttered/non-stick/lined baking form and cover with egg wash. Let it rise until wobbly and bake at 200 C for 25-30 minutes.



7 Responses to “Cinnamon bread”

  1. Zarah Maria Says:

    Oh dear, cinnamon bread. I ate waaaaay to much of that back when I worked at a bakery – for some reason, I didn’t see that at Camilla’s? So funny (and a tiny bit freaky) to meet your significant other there – the world is just a small, small place. Now, off to making my own cinnamon bread, it looks delish!

  2. Jesper Says:

    Whoops! My bad… Talking so much about making cinnamon bread and then seing it made on tv last week made me somehow think you guys made it. I checked at home, and it wasn’t that the others snatched it in front of you – they didn’t make it in the first place 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    what a stunning cinnamon loaf. really beautiful. those swirls have always been a mystery to me.

  4. Lemon fool layer cake for “A Taste of Yellow” « Cooking all day Says:

    […] get a move on, since the closing date for entries are approaching rather quickly. I mentioned a while back that I had something cooking for this year’s A Taste of Yellow, the cancer awareness food […]

  5. Kruncher02 Says:

    So, I am thinking this bread looks incredible–so I change my plan mid-stream. I was going to make a different recipe for Cinnamon bread. I saw your recipe and decided it looks better. I start the mixing process and THEN realize that the amount of MILK is missing from the recipe.

    SO, how much milk does an inexperienced baker use to make this delightful cinnamon bread??!!

  6. Janet Says:

    I wish this was written so that I could understand the quantities of each ingredient. I’m not used to g or ml. Would you convert it for those like me?

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