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Mint icetea

June 11, 2008

The weather has been outstanding these last couple of weeks. It seems, though, that the annual June rains have hit the streets today. But luckily I had the chance, time and temps high enough  to try out a recipe from kitchen guru Camilla’s new selection of herb recipes that was published this Saturday as a special section of Politiken, a Danish newspaper. Safe to say, there are enough recipes and ideas to keep me busy for a little while. But first up was a really refreshing afternoon drink, good in the heat but I think I’ll make it again this weekend even if the weather gods have decided to bless some one else with Summer sun.


Rhubarb retrospect

June 9, 2008

May can pretty much be summed in one word for me. Rhubarb! I find May a little gastronomically challenging – Spring is here and so is the promise of all the great new season’s vegetables. Yet I’m always a little ahead – in this little corner of life, anyways – , and that leaves me empty handed after grocery shopping. The spring cabbage hadn’t quite hit the marked, the asparagus hadn’t peeped up from their winter hiding yet and so it goes on. Until the rhubarbs announces the new season, that is. And not only are they Spring time messengers, I absolutely love them! Rhubarbs are just one of those things I can keep eating, cooking and coming up with new things to do with.