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Copenhagen cabbage

January 20, 2008

It just couldn’t go on, I guess. Nope. It had to end sometime. A couple of weeks ago, I started being part of the morning rush hour again, catching the bus out to the outskirts of town. Back to work after a couple of months on paternity leave. Getting back to work hasn’t been all bad, but it sure has cut down on my cooking ambitions, no cooking all day these days. One (very) good thing, though – and food related – is that I go to Copenhagen once in a while, attending meetings and that sort of thing. Those meetings aren’t the good, food related things, especially not the parts of the public administration I visit. Their food skills really aren’t worth writing home about. Actually, not at all.

But, sometimes I have a little extra time, giving me the chance to visit some more interesting places in our lovely capital (Read more on Copenhagen and foodie related stuff at Bea’s who just visited the place, took some great pictures and met up with fellow Danish food blogger Zarah.) One of the places I go back to often is Meyer’s Deli. They have an outlet at Magasin and even though I like the original on Gl. Kongevej better, the one in Magasin does the trick and gives me my occasional Meyer fix.


This time around I opted for a cabbage soup with puy lentils. It was a great lunch dish with crunch from the fresh green cabbage garnish and the lightly cured goose providing the filling. I assume this was made from simmering a lightly cured goose in a stock, removing the goose when done and cooking the cabbage in the stock afterwards. The stock and cooked cabbage was then pureed and seasoned, the plucked meat of the goose added, and then served with finely chopped, fresh cabbage and cooked puy lentils. Serve with bread on the side.

For dinner I went to the Deli on Gl. Kongevej. You might say I have a slight obsession for Claus Meyer’s books and deli’s – and you’d probably be right.