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Baking – from my home to yours

April 9, 2008

This Saturday I woke up with a sudden urge for French cookies… This was a rather strange urge, at a rather strange hour I must admit. But it was persistent. So I caved and thought what better way to spend Saturday morning – not just morning, but MORNING, thanks to a little almost one-year old early riser – than trying out Dorie’s new issue Baking – from my home to yours, and realizing one of my blogging plans: posting review’ish posts about my ever increasing cookbook collection. The first result was these rather nice looking, if I say so myself, no-frill Madeleines.

I was one of the lucky winners of the great blog event Menu for Hope. The prize was a signed copy of Baking, a book that really has caught on fire in the blogging community. There’s even a weekly foodie event where eager bloggers try out recipes. And there are loads to choose from. Dorie hasn’t exactly been holding back as there are more than 500 pages of recipes and glossy pictures.